A Holy Week Parable

For this Tuesday of Holy Week, I’d like to share a devotion based on Matthew 21:33-46.  You can look up this passage in your Bible at home or from an online resource or app such as Bible Gateway


Jesus did a lot of teaching on the Tuesday before His crucifixion and death. There are several chapters in the Gospels devoted to the stories Jesus told and the warnings He uttered on that Tuesday 2,000 years ago.

This story in Matthew 21, The Parable of the Tenants, is one of Jesus’ clearest parables. The Master is God the Father. The Vineyard is God’s people. The Tenants and the Builders are the Jewish leaders (the very people Jesus is speaking to). The Servants are the prophets. The Master’s Son and the Stone both refer to Jesus. Those who have eyes to see the marvelous things that God is doing are the believers in Jesus (Matt. 21:42).

The Parable of the Tenants tells the story of the original Holy Week.  The worldly high and mighty (the “tenants” and “builders”) were rejecting and planning to murder the Son of God,  the Heir and Owner of all things!

God remains patient with His people, both then and now. He repeatedly sent prophets to call His people back to repentance and faith in Him. He has sent apostles and pastors and missionaries around the globe to invite countless people to repent of their sins and believe the Good News of our Savior Jesus.

God is patient with us, but He rightfully expects to see the fruits of the Spirit through our hearts and lives and voices. His Holy Spirit continues to cultivate the fruits of faith in us the more we abide in Christ, our life-giving Vine (John 15:5).

As today’s world grapples with a daunting global pandemic,  could it be that God is once again calling the world that He loves so dearly to repent and return to Him, rather than reject His heaven-sent Savior?

God has given us another day of life, another opportunity to turn to Jesus and trust Him with our lives both here and now and eternally.  Let’s be those who see for ourselves and also share with our loved ones the marvelous things God has done in sending Jesus for us and for all!


God, thank You for teaching us through Jesus’ parables and through His every Word.  Grant that we not only respect Your Son,  but trust Him,  live for Him,  and grow in Him and in His Word, so that our lives may be filled with Your fruits, to Your glory, and for the benefit of our neighbors. Amen. 


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