Easter in Isolation

The Scriptures say absolutely nothing about the Wednesday of Holy Week. Yesterday, I wrote about how Tuesday of Holy Week was a major teaching day for Jesus. But what happened on the Wednesday of the first Holy Week?

I’m guessing that the Gospels are quiet about that Wednesday because Jesus and His disciples had a quiet day of preparation. The biggest days in history were soon to follow. Jesus probably took Wednesday to rest, reflect, and pray.

Resting, reflecting, and praying would be appropriate ways for us to spend time today. We’re preparing to remember the most important moments in Jesus’ life – the Last Supper;  His betrayal, arrest, and trial;  His scourging, crucifixion, and death;  and His resurrection from the dead on the third day.

Speaking of Jesus’ resurrection, that’s actually what Easter is all about!  Yes there are bunnies and chocolates, eggs to dye and eggs to hunt. There are blooming Easter lilies and spring dresses and family gatherings.

These are all fun things to look forward to, perhaps later this year, or for next year, but they’re not really necessary. We’ll have big Easter egg hunts and houses full of guests and churches full of worshippers again down the road, but this year, can we let Holy Week & Easter be all about Jesus?

Make time to participate in Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday services. Even though you will probably be in your home office or on your sofa in front of your tablet or laptop, sing the hymns, pray the prayers, hear the Gospel proclaimed for you!

Regarding Easter, we can think of every Sunday as a “little Easter.”  Christians worship on Sunday because of what God did on two Sundays in the first century A.D.  On the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion and death, the Father raised His Son from the grave, sent Him to proclaim His total victory over Satan, hell, and death, and gave a variety of Jesus’ disciples the opportunity to see Him, speak with Him, walk with Him, eat with Him, fish with Him, and much more in the forty days after Easter.

Fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection, the Jewish people were once again assembled in Jerusalem to celebrate an Old Testament agricultural festival called “Pentecost.” On that Sunday, the Holy Spirit brought the Church to life in an unforgettable way! (Read about it yourself in Acts chapter 2.)

Because of these two Sundays, the world was changed forever!  Jesus began a new week by winning new life for all who believe.  The Holy Spirit began another week by creating a new people, the Body of Christ, through the proclamation of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Now, every Sunday is a remembrance of what God did on those Sundays.  Every Sunday, God gathers with His people as they gather around His Word.  This Easter Sunday, the Lord will be with you as you proclaim  “Christ is Risen Indeed!”  from your dining room or porch or wherever you will be.

We may be physically isolated from one another, but the God who raised Jesus from the dead never leaves or forsakes His people!

Rest, reflect, and pray as you prepare to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection for you in the coming days.

2 thoughts on “Easter in Isolation

  1. Beautiful. The other “quiet” day of Holy Week is Easter Saturday. Can you imagine how isolated the disciples felt then? And afraid? But then Sunday came. Jesus took a deep breath and rose to life and breathed new life into all who follow him. And hope. And a future.
    Come Holy Spirit.

    Thanks, Pastor.


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